Kitchen/Dining Room/Storage Room

In 2012, when asked what could do to help the children of Mare Blanche, Haiti, the pastor and leaders suggested that building them a school be considered. The building they were using was in poor condition and they had far more children than it could hold.

Before arriving in their community, however, it was learned that their greatest need was food. Children were arriving at school too hungry to focus on learning. They have even been known to loose consciousness due to hunger. When it was learned that they could qualify for school food through Mission of Hope in Haiti if they had a kitchen, dining room and storage room, Hope for Caribbean Kids, Inc. felt compelled to make this construction project the first priority.

The facility is nearing completion and will bless the community in many other ways because it will help relieve the crowded classes. It will also serve as temporary housing for visiting missionaries who bring the gospel message, food, training, the hope of a better life and other necessities. It will bring income into their community since they have the only facility in their area where visitors can stay. At some point a guest house needs to be built to provide better accommodations and income.

School Construction

In March of 2012 Hope for Caribbean Kids, Inc. purchased 2.5 acres of land to be used as the location of the new school. The pastors and leaders chose this location, a 30-minute walk from their present church and school and is closer to the main road. Their current location is extremely remote and a hindrance to their getting the help they need. For example, delivery trucks refuse to haul supplies there. The supplies are dropped beside the road where community adults and children load heavy cement sacks, lumber, and other building supplies on their heads and their animals to get them back to the work site. There are no motorized vehicles in their village.

The new property is located close to the main road. This new location alone will ease some of the burden they now carry. A rock road connecting the school property to the main road has been constructed.

A School Property Fence:

In Haiti it is critical to fence your property. Haitians come in and squat on the property and it is difficult to get them off. Fencing materials in Haiti are costly. This must be installed before the school construction can begin.

A School Construction Water Source:

Water will be needed to mix the concrete. At the current church and school location construction workers are using water from the two purchased 500 gallon water tanks which store water from the roof when it rains. There are currently no buildings at the new site from which rain water can be collected. They will need to dig a cistern which will be lined with cement to catch rain water before construction can begin.

Other Uses for the Facility:

Many years into the future [unless something wonderfully miraculous causes it to happen sooner] the facility could be used to provide secondary and adult education classes. It could also be used to house a Bible college. Currently, students go to the capital city of Port-au-Prince to attend high school which is nine hours away by motor vehicle. All students must pay to go to school, even at the elementary level unless they are supported by a Christian or private organization or individual(s). This a part of why so few are educated beyond 7th grade. Students must complete 13 grades and pass a government exam at each level, in order to receive a high school diploma.

Turn Your Used Shoes into Water and a School in Haiti

Collecting shoes is another way to help change lives. Proceeds from this program are helping to support the building of a school and other facilities in Haiti. Hope for Caribbean Kids, Inc. is partnering with Solea Water/Shoes + Water, formerly Shoeman Water Projects, in Fenton, Missouri. Solea Water sells the shoes to fund the drilling of wells, purchase well drilling rigs, provide purified water, jobs and affordable shoes for poor people in Kenya, Haiti and other Latin American nations.

Hope for Caribbean Kids, Inc. is completing the construction of a kitchen, storage room and dining room for kids at Mare Blanche, Haiti in the southern mountains. When it is complete they will qualify for school food through Mission of Hope, an organization in Haiti. The long term goal is to build a school.

Get Involved: Schools, churches, groups and individuals wanting to donate shoes may deliver them to the following StorageMart locations: 3500 1­-70 Drive SE, Columbia, Missouri and 2420 St. Marys Blvd., Jefferson City, MO 65109.

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